Meet Ziyeka Nontolwana!

Growing up in the township of Khayelitsha has broadened my understanding of how important it is to make ends meet. Through those lenses I also discovered the raw talents, skills and ideas that lie in the hands of the underprivileged. Therefore I see myself as being one who awakens those ideas in others and to teach them how to turn their dreams into profitable businesses.

I studied Business Administration at the Tertiary School in Business Administration. Prior to the completion of my Business degree I always imagined myself as an Economist. I was always very eager and interested to learn about the economy and to develop factual forecasts as to what can be expected – in an African context of course.

However I realised that I was more engaged with the economy at a business level. I realised that entrepreneurship makes up an economy and the only way to understand the economy is by understanding businesses that perform in it. This was also the reason why my vision instantly aligned with the vision at Entrepreneurship School.

At Entrepreneurship School, I am currently a Business Plan Consultant. This role has definitely stretched my mental capacity in understanding the art and the passion behind establishing a successful business. This role has also magnified the way that I view my strengths. I believe that I am a hard worker at heart. I am truly dedicated to everything that I choose to be involved in and I always ensure to go the extra mile. My drive is to always challenge myself to be better by learning and stretching my comfort zones.

My excitement to wake up every single morning comes from sharing a space with an amazing team!