“My name is Tammy Davids. I am from Paarl and I studied Entrepreneurship.

I’m the Manager at My SME and a Business Plan Consultant. I am passionate about helping and being there for people, reading and learning new things everyday, as well as building strong and long-term relationships with everyone in my life. My strengths are that I am focused, determined, goal-driven, hard working and responsible.

What excites me about my job and team is having the opportunity to work with so many diverse people everyday and knowing that I might make a difference in someone else’s life. Additionally, getting to work alongside such amazing and talented individuals everyday, who supports you and simply just wants to see you grow both personally and professionally, motivates me to get up in the morning. Since my time with My SME, I have witnessed and experienced the growth of the business, as we have ultimately become the number one Business Plan service provider in South Africa and we do not plan to stop there!”

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