“My name is Nico Carelse. I am from the Mother City, Cape Town and I completed my diploma in Tourism. I am passionate about helping people to grow their Businesses and do that by putting myself in their shoes. I am a firm believer in giving and not receiving.

Providing value, consistency and efficiency is my top priority. My role at My SME is a Business Plan Advisor and it consists of understanding a Company’s core Operations, Competitive Advantages and Goals to provide direction on how to structure and grow their businesses.

What excites me about my job is having the opportunity to work with diverse people and diverse Business Industries. Knowing as well that I contribute in helping them towards starting and growing their business makes me happy.

Everyday is a valuable day at My SME. I am excited where the business is going, we’re growing and not only changing people’s lives but eliminating poverty and transforming the economy of South Africa.

Not only am I part of a business that unlocks people’s dreams but my dreams are being unlocked too. I am excited about where the My SME train is going and I’m not planning on jumping off soon.”

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