Yesterday we had our first negative review on ‘Google Business’, I immediately investigated the matter to ensure we assist the disgruntled client and right the wrong.

After a full investigation we realised that this client is not in our system, database, or even our mailbox. The review was left under the name ‘RABI Welly Magaya’. Interestingly there is a brand in London ‘RABI’, and they have an annual ‘Welly’ week. There is also a Facebook account for ‘Rabi Welly Magaya’, which unsurprisingly has no photos, info, data, friends, posts, or even a profile picture.

I’m about 99.9% convinced that the review was done by a competitor. There is a saying in Afrikaans which I’ll translate “nervous cats, makes nervous jumps”. Since we have entered the national market in January 2019, we have revolutionised the Business Plan Industry in South Africa, we have changed the pricing structure of Business Plans, and we have created an inclusive brand that allows for all South Africans access to a business plan.

I take this attack on our brand as a compliment and a challenge to continue revolutionising this industry to an exceptional high and practical standard to accomplish our mission and mandate!

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